About Seva


In the early 90’s I moved to San Diego and soon found a position at The Chopra Center for Well Being.  I began in the kitchen helping to prepare special meals for guests in the Pancha Karma program, until my heart led me to become an assistant to the therapists. Dr. Chopra was on site often back in those days and would hold Satsangs once a month, teaching us about Ayurveda and spirituality. This experience sparked the beginning of my path as a healer.

I enrolled in a 1000 Hr Holistic Health Practitioner program where I was trained in several massage modalities as well as Herbs and Nutrition (Ayurvedic Body Therapy classes were not available then). Upon completing I became an Intern at The Optimum Health Institute, and gained more experience facilitating guests that were undergoing intense cleansing and regaining their health and vitality.  

Soon following, I managed a private practice of massage and teaching Yoga classes for 16 years in San Diego. I also trained and practiced as a Holistic Midwife for 10 of those years and acquired more skills such as organic farming of vegetables and medicinal herbs, which I used to create a pharmacy for my clients and myself.  During that time I also raised two beautiful sons.

I moved to Nevada City, Ca in the spring of 2016 to return full circle to my path in Ayurveda. I have been trained at the California College of Ayurveda in the Therapies they offer and joined the team at The Ayurvedic Healthcare Center becoming the lead therapist for Pancha Karma and Day Spa therapies until opening my own practice in 2019. I am an Ayurvedic Health & Wellness counselor and clinical Ayurvedic Body therapist specializing health consulting, cleanse & detox programs that can include Pancha Karma therapies.  As well as providing therapies, I am an experienced Ayurvedic chef, & educator.

I am currently an instructor with Healing Mountain teaching Ayurveda, Crystal Healing, & Aromatherapy.

During 2017-2020, as well as being a Licensed Massage Therapist, I received the following certifications:

  • Pre/Post Natal Massage
  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage)
  • Shirodhara
  • Swedena
  • Ayurvedic Facials & Dermatology
  • Marmani & Pranic Healing
  • Dough Basti - Chakra Basti - Enema Basti
  • Nasya
  • Pancha Karma Therapist & Cook
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor - 625 Hours - Includes Foundations in Ayurveda, Anatomy, Physiology, Herbology, Nutrition, Cooking, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama, Cleansing and Detox Protocols
  • Ayurvedic Obstetrics and Fertility from Arya Ayurveda in Pune, Maharashtra India - 200 Hours
  • Foundational Integrated Herbology of Western & Eastern herbs with a speciality course in  Ayurvedic Herbs for Women from KP Khalsa of the International Integrative Educational Institute - 30 Hours
  • Medical Cannabis Clinician - The Medical Cannabis Institute

I continue to take Ayurvedic courses in women's health related issues and autoimmune diseases from Mary Thompson, a leader and Master teacher in Ayurveda, and KP Khalsa. Last but not least, I am pursuing Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, to further assist clients in understanding their health. 

Ayurveda is my passion and I feel the vastness of Ayurveda is something you can spend several lifetimes learning. It is Divinity and Science perfectly balanced.  I find an Ayurvedic lifestyle to be fulfilling physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, therefore I have returned to Utah to lead workshops, classes, and set up my practice in Utah.

My heart is to spread this Divine Science of preventative health and longevity to all who are seeking to provide gentle guidance and resources for you to be your own healer.  Ayurveda has the solutions for everything because it treats the individual--you, as your unique self. 

Please reach out if there is anything you are inspired about. I would love to hear from you and help you, or refer you to someone who can.  Blessings and grace.