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Welcome to Seva Ayurveda Academy!

This 35 Hour Certification Course in Ayurvedic Massage is a wonderful opportunity to begin the journey of mastering and administering Ayurvedic Treatments. Ayurveda is a 6000 year old medical science from India that focuses on bringing each individual into balance and harmony with their true nature. Ayurvedic Treatments were developed as tools for purification and rejuvenation. They are meant to be received as an integral part of a healthy regimen to restore and maintain balance to mind, body, and spirit. 

Ayurvedic treatments are becoming very popular all over the world. Therefore need for skilled, passionate, and caring therapists is growing!! 

A person undergoing rejuvenation therapy attains longevity, memory, intellect, freedom from diseases, youth, excellence of complexion, and voice, excellent potentiality of the body and the sense-organs, vak-siddhi, respect and brilliance.” — CARAKA-SAMHITA

The Seva Ayurveda Academy Approach

The Seva Academy places strong emphasis on ‘Client Care’ because this is a vital quality needed in a therapist to create a healing experience for the receiver. Your dedication to healing and care for your client will translate to the receiver and create a highly rewarding working experience for both of you. With your heart and mind in the right place and fully present with each client, you will find yourself also receiving healing through the session.

The Seva Academy Founder, Seva Yogini, is passionate about offering instruction in these ancient and unique treatments. 

Over the years she has witnessed hundreds of people receive these treatments and truly be transformed. Ayurveda is a vast and Ancient healing science, and it is her life’s work to share and teach the science to encourage its growth and transmission. Read this article by Seva to understand her unique perspective:


If you go to India and receive an Abhyanga, you may find it to be a “different” experience. The goal is to apply a great deal of oil and work it into the body by 2 people, traditionally, so 4 hands working and moving synchronistically around your body at the same time very quickly and thoroughly.  In the Indian culture, it is about getting the oil in even if it means being a little rough. This course will be training you to give Ayurvedic Therapies in a modern, western, day spa, or personal practice setting.

Where I was trained, I learned a sequenced massage for each body part, with 2 goals.  Getting the oil in, and clearing out the lymph. I appreciated learning this, but as a massage therapist for 20 years, and a retired midwife, there were some key elements missing from the training that I have brought into my practice and this is what I would love to share with you.

First of all in the training I attended, we were not taught how to do a solo Abhyanga, we were trained in tandem. What I have found in my years of practice since is that tandem Abhyanga’s are rarely requested. Tandem Abhyanga is traditional and very potent for Pancha Karma, but most of the time therapists are giving solo Abhyanga, especially in a Day Spa setting. So it was difficult to leave the workshop and try to “wing it” when it was time to start giving Solo Abhy’s. They also did not include the face and head in their sequence, and this is something that traditional Abhyanga would never leave out so I have added this into the Abhyanga that I will teach. I am also including Garshana, which is a full body exfoliation using special silk gloves. This can be an ‘add-on’ to your Abhyanga.

I call it “The Art of the Solo Abhyanga” because I have taken my western massage techniques, specifically the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and integrated it into the sequenced application I learned. I have also included some signature techniques to enhance the massage experience.

One patient I worked with for several days in a row during his health regimen, commented on the way I transitioned from one stroke to the next and that this was truly an art. You can read his review here:(https://www.facebook.com/pg/SevaVeda/reviel)

I deeply considered what he said and found resonance with it because giving Abhyanga and all the other Ayurvedic treatments, is truly a Healing Art. Each massage becomes your blank canvas to which you create the experience through your quality of touch.  It becomes a dance as you find your flow from one area to the next. Each artist has their own expression and you will find yours. I encourage you to take what I can share with you and make it your own while still adhering to the vital concepts of Abhyanga.

This course also includes Garshana, Shirodhara, and Swedena training. These 4 therapies are the most popular and commonly done in together in one session. Please click here to read a description of these treatments.

About Seva Yogini:

“I have been giving these treatments both in a clinical setting, and also in a Day Spa for several years now. I started out working as an assistant to the therapists at The Chopra Center for Well Being in 1998 and this inspired me to become a healer. To read more of my bio please follow this link”: https://sevaayurveda.com/about/


Ayurvedic Orientation:
*If you are new to Ayurveda, it is highly recommended you become oriented to this ancient system and the science Abhyanga was born from. Download ‘Introduction to Ayurveda’. A link will be provided upon registration.
If you have already studied Ayurveda, please contact me to confirm.

*Receive a 1-Hour Abhyanga Massage (Included in price of tuition).
It is very important to experience the therapy you are to learning to give. This will increase your understanding of Seva Ayurveda Academy techniques and inform your quality of touch — because you will have the experience of how it feels. 
This appointment should be scheduled between the time you register and the last day of class.


Course Dates: TBD
Course Schedule:TBD

*To request a workshop in you school or studio please contact me!

Additional Course Content:
*Body Mechanics
*Quality of Touch
*Client Care
*Music & Atmosphere
*Equipment and supplies (What to use and how to care for it) 

Certification Requirement:
To complete the course you will need to give 10 Abhyanga massages and have the receiver sign off on each one. I encourage you not to work on the same person more than twice to give you the experience of massaging different body types of men and women. 

After you have completed your 10 sessions, you will meet with me and give me an Abhyanga. 
This will be your final exam and opportunity to perfect your technique. The 10 sessions and final exam will count for 11 hours.


Total Course Hours: 35

Tuition:  $795 (Register Here)

To be paid in full before the first day of class. You may make payment arrangements with Seva for an additional fee of 10%. Because of the necessity of the number of attendees to practice the Abhyanga, the tuition is Non-Refundable. If you are unable to attend after registering I may have to pay someone to replace you in order to complete the class size. However if there is a waiting list, you may be able to transfer your tuition fee for a future class date. This will be a commitment on your part so please take that into consideration and make sure the days and times are going to work with your schedule.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Seva for any further information or questions you may have by following this link:

Upon registering you will receive:

* PDF Download of “Introduction to Ayurveda”
* Course schedule & Specifics
* List of Supplies needed – Oil will be provided 


Q: Who would benefit from this class?

A: Anyone wanting to learn more about Ayurveda and is inspired about bodywork. This class can also benefit those who are already massage therapists, yoga teachers, counselors, hair stylists, and energy workers who want to expand their skill set and increase their clientele.