Cleansing | Detox

12 Ways To Make Your Meals Amazing

11 Ways To Make Any Kitchari Recipe AMAZING!! 1. Use fresh spices.  Spices are a kitchari essential and if you […]

Ayurveda Kitchari

The Art of Cooking Kitchari

So what is Kitchari exactly? Kitchari is a traditional Indian dish with the main ingredients of mung dal and basmati […]

Spring Cleanse

Ayurveda Spring Cleanse

🦋1. Spring is a time of transition. In Ayurveda, Spring and Fall are known as “transitional seasons”, making them the […]

Why You Need a Ghee Candle

  Seva Ayurveda Ghee Candles are produced with the purest quality of Organic Unsalted Butter & ethically harvested Organic Beeswax. […]

Abhyanga “The Love Massage”

Abhyanga is also known as Ayurvedic Massage. The word ‘abhyanga’ is composed of two Sanskrit words, Abhi and Anga. Abhi […]

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