Digital Detox

Digital Detox Therapy

Digital Detox Therapy

Digital Detox’ Becomes A Real-Life Word, Gets Added To Oxford Dictionary Online…”
The Huffington Post, Headline, Posted: 08/29/2013


Are you burnt out and feeling depleted? Exhausted, having trouble focusing, suffering from anxiety, overwhelm, headaches, poor digestion or having trouble sleeping? Are your relationships suffering because you feel ‘off’ most of the time? Don’t want to spend another second in front a screen, but can’t step away?

The application of Ayurveda to your mind and body will gently and profoundly bring balance and strength to you in non-obtrusive ways. We use simple, unique, and timeless healing tools sourced from the healing principles of Ayurveda, an ancient medical science

We offer a few solutions for your benefit. Which one is right for you, right now?

1. Digital Intervention

This is a 3-hour Therapeutic Treatment session with Seva Ayurveda that will quickly re-integrate the mind and body, stabilize brain wave activity, settle the nervous system and rejuvenate you deeply. Perfect for when you’re in an acute state of  tech overuse. 

*Ayurvedic Massage (Abyhanga)
*The Blissful Mind (Shirodhara)
*Eye Bathing (Netra Basti)
*Sinus Treatment (Nasya)

We begin with a luxurious and restorative Ayurvedic Massage (Abyhanga) and move onto Shirodhara (Warm Oil Head Treatment) to calm and quiet the mind. Next, the eyes and optic nerves are soothed and rejuvenated with a ghee bath. We finish with a Sinus Treatment (Nasya) to cool and lubricate dry and inflamed sinuses, balance excess mental activity and improve clarity and focus.
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2. Digital Detoxification

This is a 3-day program beginning with an initial wellness consultation, and ending with a follow-up consultation.
With each successive day of Ayurvedic treatments, nourishing food and herbal remedy recommendations, your system will establish a deeper baseline of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Receive 3 hours of daily recommended Ayurvedic treatments, 3 days in a row to deeply pacify and rejuvenate your nervous system and stabilize digestion. You will feel energized, optimized, and with a heightened state of awareness. 
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3. Long Term Digital Management Plan

This is a simple and unique program that, when used as ongoing maintenance, can restore your vitality while preventing the imbalances that lead to an onset of disorders and conditions associated with long term tech overuse (like depression, anxiety, poor digestion, eye strain, chronic headaches, relationship friction, and more). Our Digital Maintenance program offsets the effects of tech use and long term overexposure. We restore and strengthen your Nervous System with the use of time-tested and profoundly effective therapies combined with diet & lifestyle recommendations.

What does a Digital Detox Maintenance program "Look Like?” Check out this chart for an example of how we work with some of our clients…

The Technonaut (Moderate User):
Technology is great but my head feels scrambled! I need it for work and use it moderately in my private life.
  The Tech-Head (Heavy User):
Technology is my life. I eat, drink, breath, sleep tech. Take it away from me and I might go crazy. I'm often cranky and don't take great care of myself.

+1 Shirodhara every 6 weeks.

+Plant Medicinals to fortify my Nervous System.

+Learn Ayurvedic Self-Care Practices (Six 1-hour consultations)


+1 Shirodhara per month.

+Plant Medicinals to rebuild & sustain my Nervous System.

+Learn Ayurvedic Self-Care Practices (Six 1-hour consultations)


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