DoughChakra Basti Workshop

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Dough Basti Workshop

Basti in Sanskrit means “vessel”.  A dough basti is a vessel, shaped like a donut, to hold medicated oil over a localized area on the body such as: chakra centers, eyes, adrenal glands, knees, and the lower back. The medicated oil then saturates the tissues, glands, and chakras and provides a therapeutic effect.

Students will work in teams of two and learn how to build a dough basti and prepare the medicated oil. They will practice giving and receiving dough basti treatments on various parts of the body allowing you to personally experience the wonderful benefits as well as give a loving and effective dough basti therapy.

Tuition: $795

Duration: 35 Hours

Location: TBD

Dates: TBD

*To bring the Dough/Chakra Basti to your community or spa, please contact me!

This workshop is for anyone passionate about learning new healing modalities. Perfect for Health Practitioners who want to expand their skill set and attract new clientele.

Ayurvedic Introduction – Downloadable PDF upon registration

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