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Ashwagandha Lattes

Ashwagandha Lattes for Abundant Energy and Peaceful Sleep Ashwagandha for both abundant energy and peaceful sleep? How is that possible? […]

almond butter recipe

Ashwagandha Almond Butter

Energy Balancing Truffles

Energy Balancing Truffles Nothing says comfort food like a sweet dessert. After you push your dinner plate to the side, […]

ojas balls

After Yoga Energy Ojas Balls

After a yoga session or a workout, we love having a little something to treat ourselves to. These healthy, adaptogenic, […]

Sweet Potato Recipe

Sweet Potato & Lentil Burger

Everyone loves a delicious, hearty veggie burger but most frozen ones are filled with processed oils and/or soy. Make your […]

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12 Ways To Make Your Meals Amazing

11 Ways To Make Any Kitchari Recipe AMAZING!! 1. Use fresh spices.  Spices are a kitchari essential and if you […]

Kitchari Ayurveda Recipe

The Art of Cooking Kitchari

So what is Kitchari exactly? Kitchari is a traditional Indian dish with the main ingredients of mung dal and basmati […]

Apple Beet Bounty

APPLE BEET BOUNTY Serves 2 Ingredients 4 beets, scrubbed 4 cloves garlic 1 hearty tablespoon of ghee 1 pinch pink […]

Celery Soup

CELERY SOUP Serves 2 Adapted from Bon Apetit, this soup is creamy and  delicious. Because you are going to puree the […]

Ayurveda Recipes

Sweet Potato Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Sweet Potato Lentil Shepherd’s Pie, from Sahara Rose’s new book Eat Feel Fresh Serves 8 Ingredients 4 large sweet potatoes, quartered 1 […]