Eye Bathing


Many therapies in Ayurveda use oil to cleanse and strengthen the sense organs. Because the eyes are the gateway to vision, the most crucial of senses, special attention is given to their care and preservation.

This extraordinary technique bathes the eyes in slightly warmed oil called ‘ghee,’ bringing great relief to dry and strained eyes.
Each eye is surrounded with a ring of dough, which is then filled with ghee. This is allowed to stand for approximately 20 minutes. Dust, dirt, and particulate matter are cleansed.
The delicate tissue of the eye is nourished and soothed. This treatment is used therapeutically for any number of eye complaints. It’s wonderful for eye strain caused by over-use of technology, or to sooth eyes exposed to heat, dryness or smoke.
Gazing through a warm ghee solution is said to have a nourishing effect on the optic nerve and the nervous system. Eye Bathing (Netra Basti) also offers beneficial effects for beautification. It seems to relax not only the eye area, but the whole face. Fine lines and puffiness are eased, along with inflammation and dryness of the eye and the skin around it. Includes 20 minute massage.

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