Ayurvedic Facial Workshop


An Ayurvedic Facial is a deeply nourishing and cleansing treatment to balance, restore, and rejuvenate the skin. The Ayurvedic Facial is luxurious treatment with far reaching benefits and is indicated for anyone who desires greater beauty, healthier skin, and to receive rejuvenation.
In Ayurvedic skin care, we not only focus on the outer layers of skin, but through the use of Marma Point Face Massage (similar to Acupressure), and the beautiful sequence of the treatment through cleansing, steaming, nourishing mask, and moisturizer, the receiver experiences deep peace and rest in their nervous system and creates a deep sense of inner beauty which radiates through them.
Join us for this interactive workshop on Ayurvedic Facials. Perfect for anyone who loves the art of skin care & Health Practititoners who want to expand their skill set and attract new clientele!
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24 Course Hours


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