Collagen Support


Combining Eastern & Western herbs in this proprietary plant based blend. Rebuilding collagen in hair, skin, and the digestive organs. Learn More

All Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients:

Gymnema, Horsetail, Nettle, Calendula, Hibiscus, Comfrey, Gotu Kola, Brahmi



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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is found in our skin, blood vessels, muscles, bones, tendons, and the organs of the digestive system (leaky gut, etc.)
It is what helps give our skin strength and elasticity while also replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to joints and tendons, Collagen is the glue that binds them together.

The skin, nails, bones, and connective tissue (even our organs) need collagen to be strong and radiant.

Collagen production naturally declines as we age yet if you nourish and take in high quality collagen sources you can take generous preventative measures towards reducing loss. The herbs used in our Collagen Support tea have substantial scientific studies claiming their benefits towards building Collagen.