Seva Ayurveda Ghee Candles are produced with the purest quality of Organic Unsalted Butter & ethically harvested Organic Beeswax. Making the Ghee first, then melting in the beeswax, spiritual energy and divine blessings are infused with mantra chants & songs. Ghee is wonderful for cleansing of the Chakras and Nadis (Energy Channels). Ghee also cleanses the Koshas (physical channels) mainly the Pranamaya Kosha and the Manomaya Kosha, which are designed for healthy living and developing knowledge.

Traditionally, burning Ghee lamps or candles
during meditation or cere
monies creates a sacred space because of the purity of Ghee. The candles make a special addition to your altars, therapy rooms, and Yoga studios. To maintain purity we do not scent the candles and suggest incense which is also traditional. Auromere is my favorite incense as it is produced with an Ayurvedic approach with a very pleasant and subtle scent each having a specific intention.

Although minimally added, Beeswax is complimentary to help preserve the Ghee and solidify it up to 96 degrees. Giving it a burn life of approximately 24 hours for a 3 oz candle. Burning Beeswax can also cleanse the air of pollutants such as dust and molds and as a result provides allergen relief. One more fun fact is that it emits negative ions into the air similar to a Himalayan Salt Lamp, for added purification.

From an Ayurvedic approach, there is a remedy using the flame of a Ghee Candle to cool and soothe eyes that have become heated or aggravated by prolonged screen time or those who suffer from dryness. We recommend placing the Ghee Candle next to your computer and taking moments throughout the day to gaze at the flame. This is a special addition to your work space and a simple and beautiful way to add self care to your day.

One more benefit worth mentioning is the Ghee Candle can be used for Trataka Meditation. Trāṭaka is a Tantric method of meditation that involves softly gazing at a candle flame. The practice in general, is to gaze at the flame as long as you can without blinking as long as possible. Continue to gaze at the flame for some time and when you are ready, close your eyes and you will see a point between your eyes where you can inwardly gaze upon. This is a good meditation practice for anyone with a busy mind (like mine) who needs a guide or a fixed object to help drop into meditation.

Benefits of Ghee Candle Gazing Meditation Include:

  • Improved vision & memory
  • Deepens meditation
  • Relief from common stress factors
  • Third eye opening
  • Connects you to the fire elements of creativity, will, and passion.
  • Cools, Soothes, & Moistens the eyes

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