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Ayurvedic Facials Course

An Ayurvedic Facial is a deeply nourishing and cleansing treatment to balance, restore, and rejuvenate the skin. The Ayurvedic Facial is luxurious treatment with far reaching benefits and is indicated for anyone who desires greater beauty, healthier skin, and to receive rejuvenation.
In Ayurvedic skin care, we not only focus on the outer layers of skin, but through the use of Marma Point Face Massage (similar to Acupressure), and the beautiful sequence of the treatment through cleansing, steaming, nourishing mask, and moisturizer, the receiver experiences deep peace and rest in their nervous system and creates a deep sense of inner beauty which radiates through them.

To feel beautiful and express beauty is a natural desire we all have. Ayurveda believes that true beauty is achieved when one lives a balanced lifestyle with a clean diet, sleep, exercise, meditation, and so forth. With proper lifestyle, we heal ourselves from the inside out. 
The skin is the largest organ of in the body and it is so vitally important to maintain. It is a major detoxification organ thus in this day and age, taking care of our skin from the inside out is crucial. That is why in Ayurveda we do not put anything on the skin that we could not eat.

Through the Ayurvedic Facial Course, you will learn to nurture your patients (and yourself!) through the principles of proper skin care and gain an in-depth understanding of the Ayurvedic approach.

Course Outline:

  • Ayurvedic Doshas:  Discerning different skin types and how to keep them balanced
  • Best Ayurvedic herbs for skin care per type
  • Facial Marma points & Massage: Full facial sequence with products
  • How to make your own skin food recipes for you and clients

Students will work together in groups of two giving and receiving facials. A demonstration of the sequence is given and then the instructor will guide you through the multi-part application of garshana, oil massage, steam towels, and skin care products.

Included in the tuition is your own complete facial kit. I have chosen these products specifically for their high-end quality and ease in application. Having used many products, I have chosen for you the skin care line from Life Spa, developed by an Ayurvedic Doctor, whose products I have grown to know and trust in. 

Facials are a highly marketable and popular treatment. This course is for anyone who is passionate about skin care or are skin care product entrepeneurs.  Massage Therapists, Yoga teachers, & Esthiticians especially can increase their skill set and attract more clientele.

Tuition: $695 

Duration: 3 Days – 24 Hour Certification in Ayurvedic Facial

Dates: TBD

Location: TBD

*To bring the Ayurvedic Facials Workshop to your community or for spa trainings please Contact Me!

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